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Lumpia Bebek Jamur


Deep frying duck and shitake spring roll served with sweet sour sauce.

Sate Lilit Ayam


Grilled minced chicken lemon grass skewer served with pickle and sambal.

Sop Buntut


Clear oxtail soup with nutmeg flavor served with bitternut crackers and sambal.

Soto Ayam


Rich turmeric chicken soup with glass noodle, boiled egg.

Nectar Linguine


The best pasta you'll ever eat

The Ravioli


Cooked to perfection by Chef Nectar

"Very Big" Bowl


Made to share, four separate samples in one

Shrimp Cocktail


A little shrimp, a little cocktail

Fried Mozzarella


It's just plain and simple, but also tasty

Classic California


You know it's good, just order it

The Italian


Smoked ham, peppers and your choice of cheese

Double Decker Club


Grilled chicken, tomato and cheese

Classic BLT


Bacon, Lettuce and Tomatoes

"Can't make up my mind"


Served with a sample of everything

Salient Style


Warn homemade chicken with melted cheese

The Really Good Stuff


It's just plain and simple

Nectar's Choice


Ask your server for more details